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Learning to Walk

Slow Me Down, Lord
If I go down the road too fast
     and fail to see a brother walking past
Or miss small pleasures every day
     nor see a blessing fall my wall –
Then slow me down, Lord, so that I
     might see an angel passing by.
Slow me down, so that I may talk
     with you, Lord. 
Slow me down to a walk.
Lucille Crumley
A dear friend shared this poem with me, and during Advent, especially, it’s such a good reminder of how I want to live.
What about you?
jenni debaun
Custodian, Fifty Plus Ministries Coordinator, Worship Leader at Hamilton Trace
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The Joy in the simplest things

Scripture:   Luke 2:16

Watching two little girls make gift for their mothers, I was drawn in by their enthusiasm and love in the process of making their gifts.  Each bead was chosen with care and an explanation of why that color of bead was chosen.  “My mom’s eyes are blue, so theses blue ones will match her eyes.”  “She will like the Red ones because that is her favorite color.”  Choosing carefully till each of them had a pile of five special colors.  Now the placement of the beads took great concentration with tiny hands to thread all the beads in a pattern on the cord.  The joy in their eyes was priceless as the teacher tied a knot at the end.  “My mom is going to love this necklace and she is going to look so beautiful.”  Now we must wrap it so it will be a surprise.  This is a memory I will hold dear to my heart because when I think of my favorite day of the year, Christmas, it reminds me of a tiny baby born in a stable.  I can’t imagine all the love that was put in to his gift to us.  What does this day mean to you?

Jane Musser
Director of the Fishers UMC Preschool/Mother's Day Out
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