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A Kitchen Drawer

This is my silverware holder from my kitchen drawer. I'm almost embarrassed to admit the last time (if ever) I have scrubbed it out. Sure, for a while it was fine but I've noticed for quite some time it's needed some serious attention. Yes, I open it multiple times a day and notice it, get disgusted and say I'll clean it but always end up shutting it, moving on to something else and it remains a mess. Despite how much it bothers me, I always find something else more pressing that needs to get done. With three very busy boys I was starting to think this drawer was literally never going to get cleaned out but for some reason this morning, despite all of the crazy and stress I've got going on right now, I pulled it out, emptied the entire thing and started to scrub. Slowly but surely, it came clean and really wasn't the insurmountable task I thought it would be. Sure, it has some marks that didn't quite come off but alas, it is almost like new again.

While cleaning it, it dawned on me our relationship with God is a lot like that drawer. Although we know it's there, use it daily when we need to and realize sometimes it needs a little tweaking; sadly, if you are like me, we end up leaving it as it is, think other things are more important and continue to stress about the things that are troubling us. We go to him when we need to, know he's always there, know he could make them better if we just gave it some attention, yet shut that drawer and move along to more "pressing " things until we need him again. Nothing gets better and stays stagnant. Oh the gratification we receive when we finally address what's wrong, take the time to go to him, scrub things up by admitting where we've failed and are made new again!

God is ALWAYS there for us, waiting for us to take the time to be in his presence, admit we've been lacking in attention to him and scrub ourselves free of the goo that has gathered over time. There may be some scuffs left but we are given a fresh start at this thing called life. When things are so hard and you think there is no way you can overcome them, go to him. Jump head first into cleaning up that grit and allow him to work. I'm reminded once again there is nothing insurmountable for God. All by this little drawer. He is good. ALL the time. 

Missy Cox


I love it when I see the vision of Fishers UMC Kids in action each week. The words KNOW, GROW and SHOW  are more than words on paper. they are faith put into action in the lives of kids. This past few weeks I have witnessed incredible affirmations of God working in the lives of  kids, leaders, and families.

                This past week I received a thank you card from a fourth grader, who said her favorite part of kid’s worship was singing the doxology.  This past Sunday I caught a glimpse of her , her eyes were lifted up and singing with passion to the God who loves her. This is a part of kid’s worship each week ,as we continue to reinforce the knowledge of God who knows us, loves us and gave us the gift of eternal  life . Another child shared how important saying the Lord’s Prayer was to him each week. I praise God that kid are learning to worship and KNOW God in a personal way.

                 Our theme in Kid’s Worship for 8 weeks is studying the life of Joseph. a couple of weeks ago in large group,(ABOUT 40 KIDS)  I asked the question:  What do we know about Joseph ? Hands immediately went up all around the room as Kindergartner s through 4th graders filled in the narrative of Joseph’s life, his journey, his brothers, his dad, the dreams and they were anxious to share. They also shared the lessons they had learned from Joseph’s life. This foundational narrative connects back to Joseph’s great grandpa Abraham, to Issaac, Joseph’s grandpa, to Jacob, his dad. This narrative explains how Israel got its name, how they ended up in Egypt for 400 years until they were led out by Moses, and the 12 tribes mentioned in the Old Testament. It is a joy to see kids GROW in the understanding of God’s word and learn ways to apply it to their life.

                Each week I hear stories, or read on facebook  as parents share ways the kids are impacting the world around them, ie:

  • getting a haircut and donating the hair
  • praying for kids in their class,
  • donating their toys and clothes to people who need them, 
  • forgoing gifts to make donations to the food pantry,  
  • showing kindness to others.

I hear of hearts that feel the needs of the world and wonder how they can help.  Recently we made treat bags for first responders in Fishers, a thank you note from Fishers UMC Kid’s and a n individual message and drawing from the kids. These were so appreciated.

This past week we made Thank you for making things better treat  bags, with a scripture verse to give to the construction workers  Comments included

  •  My daughter loves Red Pandas because the note he had someone drew a Red  Panda
  • Wow, no one has ever  thanked me this way before.
  • I really needed a bottle of water Thank You !
  • Tell the kids Thank You for Showing God’s Love.

In the next few weeks we will be making cards and artwork for college students and sharing about Operation Christmas Child. The children SHOW God’s love through giving and by the way they live their lives.

This is why I say that KNOW GROW AND SHOW is faith put into action.

Larry Crane
Director of Children's Ministries
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