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Until last spring, when I thought of the number 300 it always seemed like a fairly big number. But then I spent some time with a calculator and a calendar. I figured there are approximately 300 Sundays from the time a student starts junior high until their high school graduation.

All of the sudden, 300 didn't seem like very many.

It struck me, as the junior high director, that our time with students is brief. We have much to do and not much time to accomplish our goals. We shared our core values on student ministry Sunday in August. The values take time to develop. I started praying about how we are using our time together. A renewed sense of urgency stirred in me. I bought 300 gum balls and they sit on a shelf in our office as a visual cue to remember the Sunday's.

How do we best serve students in the time we have with them? We have approximately:

290 Sunday school lessons
175 Sunday evenings
180 Bible studies
6 mission trips
6 winter retreats
6 other retreats
Many serving opportunities
Immeasurable conversations
And more

There's a certain weight to those numbers. And a hope. How may we use the time best? Asking for our church family will join me in prayer for our students and that we may use our time wisely. 

Liz Simmonds
Director Of Jr. High Ministries
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Fifty Plus Connections

We have a very vibrant group of older adults who gather on the second Thursday of each month for lunch, learning and fellowship.  With Meg’s amazing cooking, lunch is the biggest draw, followed closely by the wonderful fellowship.  We’re always interested in having people join us, and over the last couple of months, we’ve made several new friends.

We’ve learned a number of important things lately – about land trusts and historical landmarks and consumer protection. 

After hearing a talk about several local attractions, a few people made trips to see some interesting sites.  Did you know that there are catacombs beneath the Indianapolis City Market?

The speaker from Meals on Wheels encouraged some folks to look into the program for family members, and this has been quite fruitful.  Not only do the aging parents receive two meals each day, but the caregiver is assured that the parents receives a daily visit.

A local pharmacy delivers medicine, sorted by day and time, in clearly marked – yet easy to open - blister packs.    Ingenious and very beneficial for a couple of individuals!

Connecting people with resources is both valuable and rewarding, but sharing in the personal and spiritual growth of individuals is a privilege.  Previously casual relationships are deepening, small groups are being formed, and leadership is being exercised in new ways.  Individuals who are interested in a new undertaking are supported by a large group of people who encourage and pray for them. 

Fifty plus is still a social group, of course, because we all love to be in each other’s company.  But it’s becoming more of a faith-filled supportive connection group, and we couldn’t be more blessed. 

If you’d like to know more about this, please contact me – I’d love to chat with you about some of the best people on the planet!

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