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Take extra steps, recall the journey and celebrate the moments

The odometer on your vehicle says 99,999.9, you continue to drive down the road you watch with anticipation as the 100,000 appears on the odometer, then you look away. As you reflect upon that moment some things may go through your mind, other than time for a new vehicle. You may recall the journeys to places near and far. This morning my vehicle odometer read 166,650 miles. I would not had noticed it except for thinking about this blog. I began to think of the journeys in this vehicle, a surprise Disney trip for the grand boys on the midnight run through Georgia, stuffing the van for a son’s move to and from college, trips with friends to Colorado and vacation destinations. I recall many conversations, tense moments, awkward moments and laughter. Journeys of joy and treks of trepidation.


I use a Fitbit to track my steps. I have a daily goal of 10,000 steps. Before I started tracking my steps I had no clue of how many steps I took. Since tracking my steps I have walked 7,873,222 steps, over
4,000,000 this year. I find as I get closer to racking up the next million I recall the extra steps taken. My walks often are contemplative and moments of inspiration. I remember many steps in preparation of ministry events, serving at a conferences, walking and talking with friends, family creek stomping experiences, shopping for bargains and walking the hall of a hospital. I recall extra steps that take me
new places.


This year we will celebrate our 40th anniversary. I am feeling the pressure to do something big on a limited budget to celebrate our lives together. I am sure in the next couple of months the memories will be like opening a photo album as we reflect upon our love and our lives. We will journey down memory lane from the wedding, to the honeymoon, to our first home, the birth of our children, and the places we have lived. We will celebrate the joys, be amazed at the moments, share tears of times of disappointment and loss. This is described as a big anniversary in similar ways, we experience those same emotions and thoughts as we face a birthday that takes us from __ 9 to __0. We find ourselves reflecting on the past and celebrating the moments.

We have just clicked into the New Year. For many we have said good riddance to 2015. We have greeted a hopeful hello to 2016. We have reflected on the past and look to a new year. Filled with dreams, hopes and future. On Facebook you are reminded of the year in memories, as the app gathers your pictures then puts them in a collage of moments to remember and forget. We look at the date and see what reunions, anniversaries and special moments will be marked this year.

But in reality it is just one more mile on your vehicle, one more step on my Fitbit, one more minute or day in your life. I wonder if we can transfer the principles of landmark markers to everyday life what would change. My goal for 2016 is to daily “Take extra steps, recall the journey and celebrate the moments.”

Larry Crane
Director Of Children's Ministries

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No. 1

I have always had a certain sense of awe about this stamp. You may be thinking ‘one more reason that JH lady is off her rocker!’ or ‘what is the big deal about bulk mail?’. This stamp says that Fishers United Methodist Church was the first not-for-profit to register for bulk mail in Fishers. Now, isn’t that fun?!

Admittedly, I love history. I drag my family to all sorts of museums and historical places--sometimes more willingly than other times. Asking older folks questions about their lives or our town--I mean city--reveals much about where we have come from. If the information I have gathered is true, Fishers UMC is the oldest continually worshiping church in our fine city! That IS fun.

Our church is rooted in the community. Many long time residents have some sort of connection point to our church--maybe they grew up attending, attended a wedding or funeral here, or are a preschool alumnus. The foresight of members to move ‘way out past the highway’ has proved to be a blessing. While we wish for more parking or green space, there is just something about being here still. We’re in at least the third location--I’ve also heard fourth. Pastors have come and gone. Members as well. The church remains. Fishers UMC has been steadfast through the many changes of our community. God has been faithful in the midst of the change. Whomever is a part of the church is a part of that--it is a calling and a responsibility.

The No. 1 on the stamp calls me to serve God well. I feel the responsibility to pursue my relationship with Christ in ways that will help me live out that call. The responsibility of helping parents disciple young teens weighs on my heart. Helping students navigate their faith and live as a follower of Christ in the world is an awesome calling--both in the enormous and the super-fun definition of awesome. The connection to the long line of pastors/mentors/grownups who came before me is there in that simple No. 1. Being able to help our church live out the calling to shine the light of Christ in the community through our word and our actions allows me to help us keep vigilant in the ongoing legacy.

There are newer churches who are doing amazing Kingdom work in our city. I am grateful. I like options. There needs to be options. Fishers UMC cannot serve every follower of Christ or individual seeking God in our community. We have to simply do our part in following where God is leading us. We need to be pointing people to Jesus. We need to be the hands and feet of Christ in the building and in the community. We need to build up disciples who seek to fulfill their individual God call and who help the church follow God’s lead. I see that No. 1 as a call to carry out what those who have gone before began in Christ. It is a teensy prideful, but also a banner to follow. I happen to believe that because Fishers UMC was here first we have some responsibility to sustain. Let us not let those who laid the foundation down. Let us keep building.

I confessed that I love history. I do know that we cannot live in the past. We must celebrate our history and look to make our imprint on the future! The No. 1 reminds me that I have a calling and a responsibility. How do you see our church living out God’s call to our city? I’d love to hear about it.

Blessings to you,
Liz Simmonds
Junior High Student Ministries

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