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Wisdom People

You might have seen an article titled “Why I miss old people in the workplace” by Tom Goodwin, EVP, Head of Innovation at Zenith Media.  I read it, hoping for a nugget of insight.

I read lines from this advertising executive like “As an industry we're obsessed with youth,” we're endlessly trying to get "upwardly mobile Millennials" or   “youthful influencers" and “mobile advertising opinion leaders.”

My interest starting to wane, I moved down a few paragraphs and found it:

“We have incredible levels of vision, an abundance of precociousness, brilliant creativity, but as an industry we pretty much have no wisdom at all.

It's a problem, but it takes wisdom to realize how important wisdom is, so we don't notice it. . . .  how can you miss something you've never experienced?

What we really need now is the wisdom to separate the gimmicks from the profound.”

That’s the nugget – and what makes ministry with older adults so valuable.   

Sure, some senior adults may be lacking in social media acumen, but most have successfully navigated situations that younger folks are going through.

Most are lifelong believers, Bible study participants, small group leaders, community volunteers and prayer warriors.  Many have raised families and might even be raising grandchildren.  

Older adults have grown into what some cultures call “wisdom people” and while the advertising world may have a dearth of them, our church family does not!   

We’re blessed with an abundance of adults who are spirit filled and gracious enough to share their sagacity, and I pray that we look to them for the wisdom we need to have a fruitful journey. 

In His Service,

jenni debaun
Custodian, Fifty Plus Ministries Coordinator, Worship Leader at Hamilton Trace
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Many Languages

Our world, as the preschoolers look at a globe ask, “What is it?  What is on it?”  Water, dirt, plants, trees, rocks and us.  That’s right,  Us!  There are lots of people all around the world.  God made all of us, but everyone does not speak the same language.  There are roughly 6,500 different languages that are spoken worldwide.  About 2,000 of these languages have fewer than 1,000 speakers.  However, our God speaks them all.  In Chapel this month, our teachers learned how to say Jesus Loves Me in a few of these different languages and spoke them to our preschoolers.  Jesus Loves Me was spoken in English, Spanish, Japanese, Chinese, Pilipino, Karaja, Hawaiian, Portuguese, Creek Indian, Italian, Malaysian, Korean, Greek, and even the language of Sign.  Among hearing the different languages, one of our little girls said, “my mom is Pilipino.”  The little girl is American, but her mother had taught me how to say Jesus Loves Me, earlier that morning, so I could say it to the children.  This made me think that for years I felt like I was a Brazilian.  I lived in Brazil for 18 years, since I was one and a half years old, and I spoke Portuguese.  But, I was born in the USA and society told me I was an American.  Who are we all, anyway?

Many of us speak different languages, but God sees us all as one.  He loves each one of us, with an unconditional Love.  Yes, “Jesus Loves Me” and He teaches us to love one another as yourself.  We are blessed to have over ten different languages and countries represented in our preschool.  God has created each one of us in His own image.  I feel richly blessed to serve a God with so much love.  Jesus Loves Me and You.

Jane Musser
Director of the Fishers UMC Preschool/Mother's Day Out
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