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There’s a Party Going On

Typically, our Sunday mornings consist of four services, so we just don’t have the opportunity to worship together as one whole church. But by now, hopefully you’re aware of our Seasons of Celebration, a worship series that will culminate in an all-church service on Sunday July 30th. Our entire church family will gather for worship at 10:00 am in the gymnasium! 

Through the course of this, it has been a blessing to see the pastors, worship leaders and staff use their gifts to create one service.  I must say, my anticipation is high. Aside from enabling all of us to worship together, we also have the gift of witnessing a baptism  - in front of our whole church family. 

In 1 Corinthians 12, Christ uses the metaphor of the physical body to describe the Church, and we see this through our many outreach endeavors.  This celebration service will be a wonderful reminder of how each part can work together to create one moment for us all.

I truly hope that you will join us for this event on Sunday July 30th.  The service begins at 10:00 am and a luncheon follows.  We hope this will continue on each year, or perhaps each season as we continue to celebrate God in all His glory!

In His Service,
jenni debaun
Custodian, Fifty Plus Ministries Coordinator, Worship Leader at Hamilton Trace
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Noting the Differences

We often don’t want to comment on the differences between ourselves and our neighbors.  We don’t want to appear critical or prejudiced.  But occasionally, we notice that something is so different, and it makes us uncomfortable.   I’m sure you can think of a few instances.

But sometimes differences should be celebrated, such as the one between worshipping here at Fishers UMC and worshipping at Hamilton Trace Assisted Living.

Recently, a resident began reading aloud along with the liturgist, so we experience surround-sound scripture.   Another person doesn’t always appear to pay attention, but her exuberant “amen” during prayers and the message is always spot-on. 

Although we’re of different faith backgrounds, our shared love for Jesus lets us move through the dissimilarities.   We’re not bound by many social customs at Hamilton Trace, maybe because we don’t have to be on “church” behavior, maybe because we don’t meet in a “church”. 

We just have to be – be present, be in community with each other, be ready to witness the work of the Holy Spirit, and be in love with the Lord.  And this being not only eliminates uncomfortable surprises, but it allows us to embrace and praise the unique congregation that is Hamilton Trace.  We invite you to join us for worship any Sunday at 9:15. 

In His Service,
jenni debaun
Custodian, Fifty Plus Ministries Coordinator, Worship Leader at Hamilton Trace
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