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It Was A Dark And Stormy Night

It was a dark and stormy night, 10 years ago this month, that the dream of a Food Pantry became a reality.  Church members watched in wonder as God worked out his plan for our church and community.  We had just purchased the old Lion’s Club and the basement seemed perfect to house food.  With a handful of faithful workers the basement was cleaned out, shelves were built, walls power washed and freezers brought in.  Trustees approved our business plan and several of us set out to serve the Community .

When I look back on those years I realize what an amazing journey it has been.  God knew there was going to be a difficult time ahead – the recession in 2008-2009, so he gave us a year to get our act together. And provide he did.  There were many Wednesdays when we’d look at our depleted shelves and wonder how we’d be able to open the next week.  We’d all join in prayer and a few days later food would come in or someone would drop off a check at the church. We never had to turn away someone that was in need. 

When we started the pantry we didn’t want it to be like any others.  We wanted to offer more than food -we wanted to offer a listening ear.  Our advocates spend quality time with all of the individuals that come to the pantry while others in the basement fill each order.  As the years have gone by we’ve heard sad stories but many uplifting stories about how God has worked in many of our lives.

Through the years we’ve had hundreds of volunteers both from our church, from other churches and throughout the Community. On Wednesday August 30th we are going to have a Volunteer Recognition Dinner to thank everyone that has had a hand in making this pantry a success. We’d love to see you there and hear your stories. 

Thank you for being a servant of God.

Linda Williams
Director of the “Come To Me Food Pantry”
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