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God Is Good!

I met several times last fall with a homeless gentleman who was visiting the Food Pantry. During our conversations, he talked about God looking out for him despite his current homeless status. When we last spoke, he had a job prospect that would provide a roof over his head for several months if he could work on a few repairs.  Unfortunately, he had extensive limitations due to a severe injury so he was unsure if things would work out.

In June, he walked in the Food Pantry looking very pale and having a harder time walking than in the fall.  When we talked I found out the reason he had not been back was cancer and brain tumors.  He is still living in his van and undergoing treatment with financial help from the Shriners.  The gentleman had just finished treatment right before he came to the pantry. He spoke highly of his doctor but was not sure if God was looking out for him anymore.  It was heartbreaking to talk to someone completely broken and without hope.  The pantry was very quiet at the point he was there so I was able to sit with him the entire time.  My heart was very heavy after our conversation.

About a month later, I was running late to Holland Park for the Fun Friday.  I saw a man in the distance that I thought for a moment was the gentleman I had met with the month before.  Then I thought that was not possible because I have never seen him without a cane and he was so pale and shaking through our last meeting due to the chemo drugs.  As we got closer I realized it was the same man.  He was tan and smiling!  We talked for a few minutes and I invited him to join us for dinner.  He was not interested in coming with me but I told him he was welcome to come later if he changed his mind.

A little while later my husband, David, came walking over with the same man.  He decided to join us for a little while.  We got a drink and he shared that one of the 3 types of cancer was gone, his tumors were smaller and he was feeling much better.  If I had been on time I would have missed him.  If David had not met up with him when he arrived I may not have learned about the improvement in his health.  The heavy heart I had the last few weeks as I prayed was filled with joy, peace and thanksgiving!  God is good!

Nicole W.
Head Food Pantry Advocate

I'm Going To Brag A Little...

But not about me.

About our students.

About Jesus.

We have some amazing students and Jesus is doing some amazing things in their lives. Many people have stopped me in the last two weeks to tell me how much they enjoyed FIRE & WATER Sunday and hearing all the stories from students and adults.

But I gotta tell ya, what you heard is the tip of the iceberg.

You didn't get to hear about all the students bringing friends to church, how our Back 2 School Bash had more students this year than it has had in a while or how full our Sunday nights have been.
You didn't get to see our Home Bible Studies, students are in charge of leading their own Bible Studies with their peers and how they are sharing great insights and engaging in fearless conversation about faith, their questions, and Jesus.
You missed talking to a student who was mad at me on Monday that I would put her in the work group she was in for the mission trip but by Thursday telling everyone how it was all God's plan and how much she loved serving Him and the people around her.
You haven't seen students receiving Scripture verses to look up and them dive into their Bibles and talk with each other and try to figure out what it is God is try to tell them about His love in those verses.
You didn't get to read the letters written to our Compassion students encouraging them and loving them from across the ocean.
You missed seeing a student sit quietly on a prayer night only to tell you after they heard God speak to them.
You didn't get to join us when students went without food to raise over $1000 to feed those who are hungry overseas.
You weren't able to join the students who went through a Stations of the Cross experience this Easter season and hear them talk and process through what it would have been like to be there and what living for Christ really means to them.
You didn't get to hear students sit and chat with people decades and generations older than them, having fun and breaking down social barriers.
You haven't had the chance to join us on a Sunday night where we always have a time to process and talk about what we experienced that night, and hearing students wrestle with who Jesus really is and what that means in their lives.

And I'm still missing many more.

Jesus is doing amazing things in the lives of our students. Thank you to everyone who supports us. Thank you to all of you who are praying for us. Thank you to the amazing adults who are impacting these students' lives.

And if you would ever like to see any of these stories first-hand, to experience them and be a part of them, let us know. We'd love for you to join us.

Troy Richards
Director of Sr. High Student Ministries & Modern Worship

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