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Anticipating Spring

My Daughter Katherine wrote the post below, and I wanted to share it with you.  I hope her words inspire you as they have inspired me.

Jane Musser
Director of the Fishers UMC Preschool/Mother's Day Out

The cold winter always seems to drag on. I can’t wait to feel the warm sunshine, for greenery and flowers to fill everywhere with color, for all these colds and flus to finally end. But even as I anticipate my favorite season, Spring, I notice my six month-old infant looking around at the world today in awe. While I see another dreary sky, he is looking all around, up, and down with surprise and excitement. Just as we marvel at the sky when it is a bright blue, isn’t it also amazing that sometimes God makes the sky a quiet gray? While I wait to see new leaves appear on all the trees, this baby seems delighted at the sight of the sleeping ground - with all its patches of hardened dirt.

The changing of seasons usually focuses on the anticipation of what is ahead. While I don’t think that is a bad thing, I don’t want to overlook the beauty that is all around right now, in my current, imperfect, day-to-day life. “For everything there is a season, a time for every activity under heaven” (Ecclesiastes 3:1). Times to cry, times to laugh, times to grieve. Times to embrace and turn away. Times to search and quit searching. Times to tear and to mend. Times to speak and to keep quiet. Times to keep and to let go.

This verse serves as a reminder to me, an encouragement, that as I look around at my current situations, shortcomings, struggles, and relationships, that this is a temporary, but necessary season in my life. What can I learn in this season? What seeds have been planted in my heart that are not ready to bloom for others to see, but are hard at work within? I do not want to miss or overlook the beauty currently around me, but instead I want to try to see each day the way my child does, as a gift from God.

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Jesus and an Egg Hunt

I have always wondered how did the tradition of the Easter Bunny and the egg hunt transpire? Mind you not wondered enough to actually find out, but wondered just the same. But what does an egg hunt have to do with the redeeming power of Jesus? You will have to do your own research to find out, but I have my own story about encountering Jesus’ power to transform at an egg hunt.

Two years ago the church decided to build relationships in our immediate community by hosting an egg hunt at Cumberland Crossing Apartments. It occurred on the first beautiful weekend after a particularly cold and snowy winter. About seventy-five children and their families attended and made crafts, played games, munched on cookies, got their picture taken with the Easter Bunny and, of course, hunted eggs. It was a great afternoon people lingered, talked, and everyone seemed to have fun.

It wasn’t until later in the summer that I found out the significance of that afternoon. At Fun Friday, where we invite the community for a cookout in the park, a woman approached me and said “I saw you at Vacation Bible School and the egg hunt. I wanted you to know what an answer to prayer the egg hunt was.” Wait, what? The egg hunt an answer to prayer? I am sure I probably stammered when I said, “Oh, I am so glad, how so?”

The woman, Mary, shared that she and her son had moved into the apartments in November and due to the bad weather he had not made connections and the isolation was taking its toll. She explained they met a family at the egg hunt and the boys became fast friends. About this time two boys wondered over and I knew one of them who “happened” to be in my Vacation Bible School small group—he was the boy her son had met. After their positive experience at the egg hunt they decided to go to Vacation Bible School and from there they came to the Fun Fridays.

I enjoyed talking with her so much I got her contact information and we periodically stayed in touch. I also got to know the other boy’s mother, as she “happened” to work at the grocery store where I shop. I had a school assignment involving discovering the power of a meal to build community, so I invited my two new friends and a few others from church to my home for dinner. We had a great evening talking and hearing each other’s stories. Mary shared she was looking for ways she and her son could serve together and also some of the challenges of being a single mom and her desire for positive male role models for her son. My family is involved in Boy Scouts and I invited her son to join our scout troop, when he met the age requirement, as what she hoped for scouting might offer.

In February, I contacted her again and she agreed to bring her son to an information meeting. He happily joined until he realized it was going to involve monthly camping. He was ready to drop out when some older scouts helped gather all the gear he would need and that gave him enough encouragement to at least try. It was a rough first campout but everyone did their best to support and include him. He came away with a new sense of self-confidence and a whole new group of people who cared for him and his family. It has been a year since he joined and he has not missed a campout yet.

Mary and I have grown in friendship through the experience and she turned out to be the first person that laid hands on and prayed for me after I experienced a call to become a pastor. She also has found a way to use her gifts for scouting in a way that blesses her and others.

So through a simple egg hunt both my family and hers have encountered Christ in each other and have been blessed—the abundance and power of community!

We are hosting another Egg Hunt on March 26th at Cumberland Crossing Apartments beginning at 2pm. Maybe you should come and see how God might use the experience to bless you and someone you meet.

Susan Hobson
Outreach Ministry Coordinator 
Cumberland Crossing Apartments are located at 10225 Stage Coach Trail, Fishers.  The Egg hunt will begin at 2pm at the playground.
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