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The Season Of Giving

Thanksgiving and Christmas are rapidly approaching and that’s the time that most of us feel the need to help the hungry.  Regarding giving to the Come To Me food pantry; The question is: money or food? My answer – both.

Money –

We receive a lot of food in the fall but money helps fill the gaps during the rest of the year. Money allows us to purchase protein (meat) when we find it on sale and also fill in the gaps of nutritional needs we might have.

We sometimes have a few families with dietary concerns: gluten free, diabetic etc.

The extra money allows us to go out and purchase the necessary items to help them out.

For some people, giving money is just easier.  Putting money in the collection plate, or sending it to the church helps those people be involved as well.

In the winter months, we don’t need extra food and have limited space to put it.  That’s where the money in an account helps us continue with our mission.

Food -

When you donate food, it helps us from having to grocery shop and purchase it all.

Direct donations allow volunteers to spend time sorting and shelving the food.

Direct donations means more variety.  We are an unusual pantry in that we put food together in a bag with an easy recipe so our clients can make the meal at home and have all the ingredients they need.  Unusual foods that are collected help us make different kinds of meals for our clients.

Donating food helps us all feel involved and connected.  There’s nothing better than having a huge food drive and know you were a part of it.  Kids get involved and help collect things they would like to eat and they can’t wait to have their bags of food weighed on the scale.

Hamilton County has its share of people that are living pay check to paycheck and sometimes there just isn’t enough money to make it.  Won’t you please help out this year and consider a donation to the Come To Me Food Pantry.

Linda Williams
Come To Me Food Pantry Director
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Not Applicable

The other day, as I checked over the paperwork for a new family, I ran across something new in the prayer section.  Usually I see yes, no, blank or on rare occasion a line, but this time it was N/A – huh?  Not applicable was a new one for me.  This got me to thinking about all God really does in our lives.  God does so much with us, God does so much for us and God is there when we do not give Him the acknowledgement or praise He deserves.  I was not sure if the N/A was due to a lack of knowing who God is or a momentary unwillingness to seek him.

I wish the women who filled out the form could talk to the gentleman who was laid off from his steady job of 17 years because the company decided to only use contractors as a cost-cutting measure if there was too much work for the other employees.  His skills as an electrician help him to continue working on occasion for the same company but the work was not steady enough to support his family.  The family decided to move from Maine to the Fishers area where the gentleman grew up.  They only had $600 to make this trip and start their new life so the plan was for him to be a day laborer along the way.  At the first stop his wife kept their two small children in the RV they called home while he watched others get work for the day.  At the end of the unsuccessful day the gentleman looked up to see a Lutheran church across the street.  He decided to talk with a pastor and see if he had any work.  The pastor was very kind and said he would make a few phone calls but could not make any promises.  The next morning the gentleman got a phone call from someone the pastor had talked to about some work that would take a day or two.  Once that job was completed, the gentleman heard from the pastor he had spoken with.  The pastor found work in Pittsburg for the gentleman.  After successfully completing those jobs the pastor in Pittsburg lined up another job closer to Indiana.  About 3 weeks later the family arrived in the Fishers area with twice as much money and all other expenses along the way paid for. 

Upon arriving in the Fishers area the gentleman met with one of the trustees who after hearing his story agreed to help pay rent up to a designated amount.  The gentleman was able to find an RV park with good amenities for less than the agreed upon amount.  The RV Park was just outside of the township limits but the trustee honored his promise. To help further, the trustee allowed the man the use the township’s address as a mailing address when needed.

The next concern was finding a job.  The first few interviews were not successful and the time for the next month’s rent was due soon.  The gentleman knew they could make rent if he did not find a job with his daughter’s disability check but the check would come a few days after the rent was due.  He spoke with the owner and asked if there was any work for him on the property so that he could pay the rent late if necessary.  They came up with an arrangement that if he would clear out trees that were cut (and that two different companies responsible for the cutting were supposed to clear out but didn’t) the rent could be paid late and he could have all of the wood to sell.  The owner was extremely impressed with the progress this gentleman made in the first few days. 

When I met with the gentleman, he just found out he was hired for a job he was excited about and was starting the next day.  The best part of his story is that he knows God is the one who had been intervening on behalf of the family in so many ways on this journey.  The woman who wrote N/A in the section may have just been in a hurry and N/A was an auto response to something she did not want in that moment but if that is not the case I truly wish she could hear about this one family’s life that has been blessed by our loving God. There are so many little ways that our God makes his presence known in our lives. If we aren’t looking for it, we can miss it. Sometimes we all need a reminder to simply be still for a moment, reconnect with our God, and witness the many blessings, big or small, that our God brings to life all around us.

Nicole W.
Head Food Pantry Advocate
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