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Jesus Loving Adults

In the past few weeks I have had a few parents come talk to me. They are all in different situations of life and talked to me about their children who are anywhere from high school age to married with kids. But they all had this in common:

Their kids don't know Jesus

For some it was even more than that, they hated the church, hated God, whatever it may be. And many of these parents wanted to know what our youth ministry is currently doing to reach students and/or what we could have done (and still can do) to help their children know Jesus.

The reality, the best thing anyone at any age can have to help them know Jesus is people in their lives who love them and love Jesus. That's it. Nothing I can do will ever trump that. If these children who are far from God had adults in their lives (or even in their lives now) who they know care for them and these adults reflect Jesus in all they do, that is the best thing we can offer them to help them know Jesus better.

So what can you do?

If you have or know of a grade 7-12 student, get them to FIRE & WATER. We have adults who love students. Our Sunday School teachers love them. Our small group discussion leaders love them. Adults on trips and retreats love them. Liz and I love them. I had a student the other night who was going to text me late at night (their mom stopped them). When asked why they would text me so late they simply said, "He's still up." They were right, I don't sleep much, but they also knew I would be willing to hear from them. I'm not saying have everyone text me in the middle of the night, but think about your children. It's that age old question, do you/they know someone they can call at 3am if they need to?

The other thing you can do is get involved. You're not perfect? Great, neither am I. Students don't need perfection, they need to know they are cared for. They need to see Jesus in the lives of imperfect people. We are always looking for more adults who are willing to get to know students. A great way to get started is Sunday nights, it's an easy in. We are looking for adults who are willing to serve food (that will instantly get students to love you) and lead a small group discussion at the end of the night where all the questions are provided. You can sign up for a night at Or, you can simply talk to Liz or I, we will do all we can to find a place for you.

Nothing beats a Jesus-loving, caring adult. Nothing.

Troy Richards
Director of Sr. High Student Ministries
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