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In the few minutes I have set aside to think of what I want to share, three people have called to ask to meet with me, my calendar has reminded me where I must be by my design today, and I am already late for another appointment.  Sound familiar to you?  Probably.  For most of us our lives seem to rush forward from one obligation, opportunity, or responsibility to the next.  With them, sunrise gives way to sunset and starts over again.  Life becomes a blur and we satisfy ourselves to take each thing as it comes, often deciding who we will be and what we will do in each moment as we are faced with it. We show up for our next appointment, perform the task we are called upon to perform, and go on.  Sometimes we go on with celebrations.  Sometimes we face the hardest challenges of our lives – family members who lay dying; loved ones facing battles of all kinds; the loneliness of grieving one who has always been there and now is gone in death – you know as little as I what the next moment may bring.  Very little in our lives seems constant.  Does anything last? 

But as I look at my calendar I am reminded that Easter is coming.  True, it means more things to do and places to be.  But it means something much different as well.  Amid a world of constant change and endless demands Easter calls us to remember that some things do remain.  Donald Harvey Tippet brings this into focus for us:

If Easter means anything to modern man, it means that eternal truth is eternal. You may nail it to the tree, wrap it up in grave clothes, and seal it in a tomb. But truth crushed to earth shall rise again. Truth does not perish. It cannot be destroyed. It may be distorted. It has been silenced temporarily. It has been compelled to carry its cross to Calvary's brow or to drink the cup of poisoned hemlock in a Grecian jail, but with an inevitable certainty after every Black Friday dawns truth's Easter morn.

As Easter approaches I invite you to step back from life’s rush for just a moment.  Whatever your days have brought you – whether it is the celebration of new life and the joy of single moments in time or the struggle of Black Friday where, in your pain, you question everything around you.  Remember, eternal truth is exactly that, eternal.  Life may attack it, and us as well, with all the force the events of our days can muster but the eternal truth of Easter cannot be destroyed.  It will rise again.  After every Black Friday dawns truth’s Easter sunrise.

Oh, and speaking of Easter morning, why not join your brothers and sisters in Christ in celebrating Eternal Truth with us at worship on Easter morning.  And invite someone who may not know the Eternal Truth to come with you.  Tell them you will take them to breakfast or buy their lunch.  You will be amazed at how easily they will say, Yes.  And we will all watch darkness give way to the dawning of Resurrection as we gather in different towns and places – some inside, others outside.  But together [even in different locations] we can witness to the world around us the certainty that remains - Because Jesus the Christ - Eternal Truth lives, so will we!  Amid a world of constant change this one Truth remains.  Thanks be to God.

For The Only Cause That Matters,
Kevin McKinney
Sr. Pastor
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