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The Season Of Giving

Thanksgiving and Christmas are rapidly approaching and that’s the time that most of us feel the need to help the hungry.  Regarding giving to the Come To Me food pantry; The question is: money or food? My answer – both.

Money –

We receive a lot of food in the fall but money helps fill the gaps during the rest of the year. Money allows us to purchase protein (meat) when we find it on sale and also fill in the gaps of nutritional needs we might have.

We sometimes have a few families with dietary concerns: gluten free, diabetic etc.

The extra money allows us to go out and purchase the necessary items to help them out.

For some people, giving money is just easier.  Putting money in the collection plate, or sending it to the church helps those people be involved as well.

In the winter months, we don’t need extra food and have limited space to put it.  That’s where the money in an account helps us continue with our mission.

Food -

When you donate food, it helps us from having to grocery shop and purchase it all.

Direct donations allow volunteers to spend time sorting and shelving the food.

Direct donations means more variety.  We are an unusual pantry in that we put food together in a bag with an easy recipe so our clients can make the meal at home and have all the ingredients they need.  Unusual foods that are collected help us make different kinds of meals for our clients.

Donating food helps us all feel involved and connected.  There’s nothing better than having a huge food drive and know you were a part of it.  Kids get involved and help collect things they would like to eat and they can’t wait to have their bags of food weighed on the scale.

Hamilton County has its share of people that are living pay check to paycheck and sometimes there just isn’t enough money to make it.  Won’t you please help out this year and consider a donation to the Come To Me Food Pantry.

Linda Williams
Come To Me Food Pantry Director
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