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We Were Made For This

Recently I attended a conference of 1600 people involved in Children’s Ministry. The conference began with an incredible prayer experience. This experience brought people together in a way I have never experienced at a conference, this large before. As people genuinely engaged in the prayer experiences, barriers were broken, hearts were healed, eternal friendships were formed and unity in Christ became the norm. We explored throughout the week the phrase “We Were Made for This.”. As I spent time listening, engaging in conversation, worshipping and praying, several things became evident.

  1. When we admit our doubts, failures and struggles healing begins to happen.
  2. When we release anger, bitterness and frustration, it is replaced with the “Peace of God.”
  3. When we are at a loss for identity, we are reminded by God that we are made for a purpose.
  4. When God’s people are vulnerable with each other, the realization is that we are more alike than different and we do not have to prove ourselves.
  5. When we are genuine with each other, others who identify with the same struggles are encouraged and find hope in their own lives.
  6. When we live in a tough world where the struggles are real, it is easy to ignore the struggles other are going through.
  7. When we encounter a person we have no idea of their life journey, unless we ask and listen.
  8. When we are rushed and consumed with tasks, we miss the opportunity to minister to those with whom we encounter.
  9. When we are faithful and fervent we bear the fruit of the promises of God and can share that fruit.
  10. When we are provided time to share the journey with others who share the same calling, creativity abounds and the ripple effects can be felt in communities across this nation.

As I reread and think about this list, it goes far beyond a conference experience. It embodies the church, we are called to be a part of. It embodies the hopes, dreams and needs of people in our communities. It is a reminder to me of our call and purpose as a part of the kingdom of God.

If this Blog resonates in any way with you. Email me to go deeper, through conversation, time around a table, or extended email conversations.

Larry Crane
Director of Children's Ministries

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