One Church. One Mission.

The Vision Team has been identifying strategies to enhance our ministries that serve our Core Values –  as we seek to fortify things we do well and transform things we do not do as well as we could.
Through the Vision Team process it has become clear that we need to work diligently to provide opportunities that will be relevant and life-giving both to current members of our congregation and to our surrounding mission field of our community.  We cannot settle for “business as usual” if we hope to impact our community and to continue to thrive as Fishers United Methodist Church now and in the years ahead.  We must act boldly and courageously.
This is in no way a final report of our Vision Team process. It focuses specifically on particular opportunities to strengthen and transform ministries. 
  • Adopt new Mission Statement: “To Make Disciples of Jesus Christ for the Transformation of the World.”
  • Transform our Worship experiences to meet the needs of our congregation and to offer a worship model that is relevant to growing number of young adult/family residents of our surrounding community. We currently have 4 worship services on our campus on Sunday morning and 1 outreach worship service at Hamilton Trace Retirement Center.  We want to identify ways to appropriately transform all worship experiences.  We believe the 11:00 hour is a place to start.  It holds the most unrealized potential.  Neither our traditional nor our contemporary 11AM services are currently hitting their stride:  Attendance is too low in both services to bring great energy which worship needs.  We recommend having only one 11AM worship service which will meet in the Family Life Center.  Recognizing the clear demographic of our community to be young individuals and families [average age of resident is 34 years] we believe that 11AM service should be a fully redesigned contemporary worship model with new faces; a new look; and new sound; which will be more attractive and relevant to our community demographic.
  • Fortify and Transform Discipleship Pathway for all ages – Offer new and expanded learning/serving groups and opportunities and expanding such opportunities to include 11:00 hour for all ages by building robust discipling opportunities. Start new 11AM discipleship opportunities – short term studies; special interest focused groups.  Our Discipleship Development team is working on developing new opportunities.  We will also start a Pastor’s 11AM class which will be a series of short term studies and/or a deeper dive into the message just preached at 8:30 and 9:45.  We will redesign Sunday morning opportunities for Children and Youth and create discipleship opportunities for Children at 11AM which is not simply a duplicate of 9:45 classes.  This will allow parents of children to have something that is not repetitive for their children if they choose to participate in Sunday School and Worship.
We welcome the opportunity to talk with and answer questions at any time.  If you have questions please contact Pastors Kevin or Jared or any member of the Vision Team.
Respectfully Submitted,
Vision Team, Fishers United Methodist Church