One Church. One Mission.

The Vision Team has been identifying strategies to enhance our ministries that serve our Core Values –  as we seek to fortify things we do well and transform things we do not do as well as we could.
Through the Vision Team process it has become clear that we need to work diligently to provide opportunities that will be relevant and life-giving both to current members of our congregation and to our surrounding mission field of our community.  We cannot settle for “business as usual” if we hope to impact our community and to continue to thrive as Fishers United Methodist Church now and in the years ahead.  We must act boldly and courageously.
This is in no way a final report of our Vision Team process. It focuses specifically on particular opportunities to strengthen and transform ministries. 
  • Adopt new Mission Statement: “To Make Disciples of Jesus Christ for the Transformation of the World.”
  •  Transform our Worship experiences to meet the needs of our congregation and to offer a worship model that is relevant to growing numbers of young adult/family residents of our surrounding community.  As we look ahead to the newly redesigned 11:00 Worship Service, we want to help answer questions about what the service will look like and how it will be paid for.  To answer the second question, we will be using a combination of grant monies we have received, financial gifts from persons within the church, and also from our annual operating budget.  We believe this is worth investing in well as Sunday Mornings are the times we are most regularly together as a church family, and are the days new persons will be most inclined to attend.

    The physical space, pictured here, will be located in the North end of the Family Life Center.  This moves the service closer to the "heart" of the church - the Donut Room - and also  allows for a more straight-forward entryway for folks entering in Door 4.  By locating the service in a more  regularly-trafficked location, the hope would be for people to more easily locate the service and feel welcomed to attend. Similar to our current worship services in both the sanctuary and FLC, there will be two screens and a platform. Additionally, a modernized stained-glass cross will take center-stage (an allusion to the beautiful stained glass in the sanctuary).  There will be space for 149 chairs set up in three sections.

    More information will continue to be shared, and we hope that you will plan on visiting the service on Sunday, September 9 - both for yourself and so that you will be able to tell others who are looking for a Contemporary Methodist Worship Experience.  

  • Fortify and Transform a Discipleship Pathway for all ages.
    This past Winter, a new ministry team was developed called the Discipleship Development Team.  It is being led by Kim Arnott, with the goal of strengthening existing discipleship groups and to also create new discipleship opportunities.  This Spring we launched new ministries like our new Orientation Class (which will be offered again this fall), a new Covenant Bible Study Sunday School (which will be available at both 9:45 and 11am starting this September), and two Financial Peace University Classes that saw families pay off more than $28,000 and save more than $42,000 over the course of just nine-weeks (a net gain of over $70,000)!!

    We are a church on a mission: to make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world.  And we know that we become more like Jesus when we connect with others in discipleship groups and engage in daily spiritual practices on our own.  

We welcome the opportunity to talk with and answer questions at any time.  If you have questions please contact Pastors Kevin or Jared or any member of the Vision Team.

What Is Ahead

The best time to start something new is in September - summer is over, school is back in session, and folks have enjoyed one last getaway over Labor Day weekend.  Moreover, The Yard - next door's evolving restaurant and residential space - is aiming to open next Spring, 2019.  As such, we will be launching a new 11:00am Worship Service and new Discipleship Groups on Sunday, September 9 in order to more fruitfully impact our congregation and growing neighborhood with the Good News of Jesus Christ.  
Below is a timeline of what is ahead the next few months:
August 19 Celebration of 11:00am Worship Services
August 26 One Church. One Mission. Celebration Sunday in gym - 10:00am; Ministry Fair following service with Church Shirts available for purchase!
September 2  Labor Day Weekend – 8:30am and 9:45am services ONLY
September 9  Launch of New 11:00am Worship Service in the Family Life Center, Children's Sunday School, and Covenant Bible Study;
New sermon series begins: "Simply Now"
September 16 Launch of New Pastor's Sunday School class at 11:00am;
Financial Peace University and Legacy Journey classes will launch
Saturday, September 29 Habitat for Humanity Build - North Parking Lot,
Pumpkin unloading for Student Ministry Patch at 10:00am

Details regarding the habitat build

September 28 Material delivered for assembly in the front parking lot
September 29 Volunteers needed
Minimum age 16, 16 & 17 year olds need parent/guardian
-Set-up 7:00am - 7:30am
-2 Shifts (40 people/each) 7:30am - 10:00am and 9:30am - 11:45am
Group photos between shifts
-Tear down (10-15 people stay to help) 12:05pm
-Childcare Available