Panda Class             9-15 Months           6 Children with 2 Teachers
            Bunny Class             16-24 Months         9 Children with 2 Teachers
            Tiger Class               25-36 Months        12 Children with 2 Teachers
Our Mother’s Day Out Program invites children’s play, active exploration, movement and socialization. Children learn about their environment, to share and play with others, and to make a smooth separation from parents. Each week they will come home with a special craft they have made.
We have classes 5 days each week; each child can attend one day with the option of a 2nd day if there is availability. In the Bunny and Tiger Classes, the children will have opportunity for free play, making a craft each week, eating snack, going to the gym or playground, eating lunch, and sitting in circle time where they will do finger plays, sing songs, and read books.


Our Preschool Program encourages and supports the children as they build social skills, large and small muscle skills, and readiness for their future academic learning. Our older preschool classes offer an academic experience to equip each child for kindergarten, as well as, growth and development socially, emotionally, intellectually, and physically.
All preschool children will attend a monthly Chapel Time in the Sanctuary. This includes reading of the monthly scripture, songs, and an age appropriate story to go along with the scripture.
JUNIOR GUIDELINES (3 by August 1st)
The Giraffes
The Monkeys
The Junior class is a more structured classroom than the Tiger classroom. Their week is planned around a theme. They work on letters, numbers, shapes, colors, seasons, name recognition and tracing. They also talk about the weather and calendar, to mention just a few things. It is our policy, that children in the Junior class must be potty trained and self-sufficient in the bathrooms. The teachers will help with zippers and snaps. 
The children will begin with circle time where they will have discussions, show and tell, and find out what they will be doing that day in class. Then continue on with calendar, weather, and prayer. For the next 45 minutes or so, they will usually have three or four areas they can go to for crafts and activities. These areas include anything from play dough, scissor skills, lacing, tracing their name, to weighing rocks on a scale, to journal work, and so much more. However, they are not made to go to all the tables of projects, although many of them do, but they are encouraged to spend time doing at least one or two of them. They will attend chapel once a month. They will say a prayer at the beginning of their day, snack and lunch. Their day continues with snack, going to either the playground or the gym, lunch, and ending the day with a book and songs.
SENIOR GUIDELINES (4 by August 1st)
The Ladybugs
The Lions
The Sailors
The Frogs
The Senior Preschool class is taught in an academic, along with fun, environment. The class will go on approximately four field trips during the year. The goal for this class is to have the children ready to enter Kindergarten.
The class goes through the alphabet A – Z, and does a letter a week.  All week the things they do in class, craft, worksheets, show and tell, and more, pertain to that particular letter.  They also work on counting objects, recognizing numbers and writing numbers, daily calendar, printing name upper and lower case, shapes, colors, and sequencing. On a weekly basis, they go through “Let’s Find Out” a current events newspaper for 4-5 year olds. 
Their daily class schedule opens with circle time, instructions on what they are doing for the day, calendar, weather, and prayer. All the children will sit together at the table and do letter, number, shape and/or color sheets. At least one craft is done during the day sometimes on their own and sometimes with the teacher’s supervision. After this, they go to play areas, can do manipulatives, art center, and other various centers set up in the room. They will have snack, go outside or to the gym, eat lunch and end the day with a book and/or a song.
The Dolphins              
This class is to help with maturity and self-esteem.  Transitional Kindergarten is a class designed for children who could go on to Kindergarten, but need another year to grow in self-confidence and independence or for children who miss the cutoff date. The children are not expected to know how to write all their letters, numbers or their name, but it is more of a reinforcement of what they’ve already learned. This class usually will go on 5-6 field trips during the year.
Transitional Kindergarten is taught by a theme a week with a letter pertaining to that theme. The theme and the letter of the week is carried out through all they will do; their books to read, craft, songs and more. In Transitional Kindergarten, the children do more preparation for their craft and complete it from beginning to end. They work on writing the letter of the week and words beginning with that letter, counting objects, shapes, colors, practice writing their name upper and lower case.  On a weekly basis, the class goes through a “Weekly Reader” newspaper.
A typical day in Transitional Kindergarten begins with circle time which includes the calendar, weather chart, and directions for the day. They will learn a song for each letter which helps them with their sounds. The children also compile a list of words that start with the letter of the week. This list is added to each day. On Thursday, the children will write three or four of the words from this list in their journals. They will attend chapel once a month. They will start their day with a prayer and also say a prayer at snack and lunch. During the rest of their day, the children will do crafts, pencil/paper work and most days will put together and/or cook their snack. They will have snack, play time in the gym or playground, lunch, and finish the day with a book or game.