Stephen Ministry

As members of our congregation, we have received 50 hours of training to give people who are experiencing grief (of all kinds), loneliness, divorce, hospitalization, disability, job loss and many other life difficulties one-to-one Christian Care.  A Stephen Minister will meet with you for an hour on a weekly basis to allow God's love to come into action.
In addition to the initial 50 hours of training, Stephen Ministers attend twice monthly peer supervision to ensure all Care Receivers receive the best possible care.  We also attend quarterly continuing education classes and semi-annual educational retreats.
For more information on our ministry, please call 849.1805 or email   

WHO WE ARE       

Director: Pastor Jared Kendall  
Continuing Ed Coordinator: Mary Kay Patterson
Referrals Coordinator: Jean Jagger    
Facilitators: Mary Kay Patterson, Jean Jagger