trips and retreats

Winter Retreat
Over Martin Luther King weekend we take a trip together, jr. and sr. high, to a camp and spend a few days rejuvenating and learning more about who God is. Two days being poured into spiritually while being drained physically playing games well into the night.

30 Hour Famine
Sr. high students get sponsors then starve themselves for 30 hours, raising money for hungry people overseas. As they say, misery loves company, so we do this together at the church, spending the night at Fishers UMC and end the weekend taking part in a meal that is served in other parts of the world.

A conference for jr. high students only. In April we head out and spend time with hundreds of other jr. high students spending time having fun and learning about God’s love for us.

Promotion Camp Out
We celebrate our new incoming sr. high students by all of WATER (sr. high) heading out for a night of camping.
Real World
Getting away is wonderful, but being disciples of Christ means learning how to live our lives for Christ where we live. So that’s what this retreat is about. In the fall sr. highs get together and take part in this retreat during school, living together from Wednesday to Saturday cooking our own meals and cleaning up after ourselves, all while discussing spiritual matters and learning how to live for Christ in our every day lives.
Mission Trips
Every summer the jr. high and sr. high students take mission trips to various parts of the country, serving in a variety of places from rural communities to inner-city services.