Preschool & MDO


Registration will begin at 9:00 a.m. HERE
Everything will be done from the comfort of your home – online!  There will be a Registration Form online which you will be able to complete and submit.  You will be placed in the order that we receive your email. WE WILL NOT ACCEPT ANY FORMS BEFORE 9:00 a.m. ON WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 8th.
If you are placed in a class we will email you with the class information along with a Registration Agreement.  This Agreement must be signed and returned with your non-refundable $50.00 Registration Fee.  If we do not receive this by the date indicated on the Agreement, you will be removed from the class roster. 
When a class becomes full, we will start a waitlist.  If you are placed on the waitlist for a class, we will email you with this information.  Anytime an opening becomes available we go to our waitlist to fill the spot.  You will remain on the waitlist until May, 2018, at that time we purge all of our waitlist.  
Please feel free to contact us with any questions at:
          Diane Renner                            Jane Musser
          Assistant Director                      Director

The Preschool/Mother’s Day Out Office number is:  317-842-4052.


The Preschool & Mothers Day Out program began in 1986 and is a community outreach ministry of Fishers United Methodist Church.  The program's classes are made up of children from our church, the community, many faiths and nationalities.  A board comprised of Preschool/MDO parents and church members govern this ministry. 

Our Director, Assistant Director and Teachers provide children with a warm and loving atmosphere in which to learn and grow.  We strive to create a place where each child feels loved and accepted and begins to understand that he/she is one of God's most wonderful creations.

Our Mothers Day Out program provides parents the opportunity to leave their child for a few hours each week in a place where they will be well cared for and flourish in the company of other children.  We have three different age groups, ranging from nine months to three year olds with two teachers in each class.

Our Preschool is dedicated to developing each child's social and cognitive skills and to encourage all children to be inquisitive and enthusiastic learners.  Our teachers expose children to all types of kindergarten readiness experiences, including letters, numbers, gross and fine motor activities, singing, story time and a multitude of hands-on experiences.  The classes are two, three or four days  a week, depending on the child's age, held in the morning.  Each class has a degreed teacher with an assistant.