We hope you will join us for our many special opportunities this Christmas season to celebrate the birth of Jesus, together.

Christmas Cantata

Sunday, December 19
8:30 & 9:45am Traditional Worship Services
In the Sanctuary
A Manger Suite: Featuring songs and arrangements from Michael W. Smith's "It's a Wonderful Christmas."

The Longest Night Worship

Tuesday, December 21
7pm in the Sanctuary
For many people, celebrating Christmas is difficult when the rest of the world is so full of joy and excitement. The Longest Night is a worship service for those who may not feel like celebrating Christmas as usual, particularly those who have experienced some kind of loss and is offered to help us to celebrate the love of God through our suffering, grief and loss. We are reminded that God, embodied in Jesus Christ, steps down into our lives to help heal our brokenness and let us live again.

Christmas Eve Worship

Friday, December 24
7pm in the Sanctuary
This worship service is geared towards families with children and will features songs and candlelight.
9pm & 11pm in the Sanctuary
These worship services will be traditional in style and feature songs and candlelight. 
*please note: There will be battery operated candles for you or your children to use at all services.

Watch the livestream for 9pm worship here:

Christmas Sunday Worship

Sunday, December 26
10am in the Sanctuary
This worship service will be blended in style.  
*please note: There is only 1 worship service on this day and there will be no Sunday School.