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We’re dedicated to providing a place for students (7th -12th grade) to connect with God, with other students, and with committed leaders that are passionate about seeing students grow closer to Jesus.



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Here at FIRE & WATER our name stands for something, the words fire and water are acronyms for the core values we share, values we believe that all Christians should be living out every single day as disciples of Christ.


Fellowship: The importance of being in community together.
Ignite: The passion of faith and worship we all share.
Refine: Changing and growing into the people God designed us to be.
Equip: Knowing Christ so that we are able to share our faith with others in our words and actions.

“...I will put them through the fire and I will refine them like silver and test them like gold.” - Zechariah 13:9



Worshipping: Giving God our everything, living our lives completely sold out to Him.
Allying: We are more than mere acquaintances, we are family.
Teaching: God reveals Himself to us by His Word, we must study it to know Him more fully.
Equipping: We are to put our faith into action serving others and showing God’s love.
Reaching: We are to tell the entire world the Good News of Jesus Christ.

“Whoever drinks the water that I will give him will never become thirsty again. The water that I will give him will become in him a well of water springing up to eternal life.” - Jesus (John 4:14)


Knowing Jesus is the foundation of all that we do. To help students know Jesus better (and to know who He has made them to be) we offer a variety of opportunities for students to begin and go deeper in their relationship with Jesus. Our Sunday night activities are a great way to start.
Sunday School

Fire Jr High students meet in The Pier (Room 279) at 9:45am. It is a time for students to learn about God together and grow deeper in Him through conversation. We use the middle school curriculum from GROW.

Water Sr. High meet in The Wharf (Room 173) at 9:45am.  It is a time for students to learn about God together and grow deeper in Him through conversation.  We use the LIVE Bible Study from Simply Youth Ministry.

Sunday Night

Fire & Water Students gather at 6:00pm in the Family Life Center (the doors open at 5:30pm if you want to come early to grab a seat & catch up with other students), we have an ice-breaker game and worship together. Then Fire Jr. High Students head to the Dining room for discussion, while Water Sr. High Students stay in the FLC for discussion.

Bible Studies

FIRE & WATER offer a variety of short term Bible Studies that students can join. Some are online, some in person, some led by students. These meet at many different times and places, to find out which Bible Study is best for your student please contact or .

Winter/Fall Retreats

Winter Retreat
Over Martin Luther King weekend we take a trip together, Jr. and Sr. High, to a camp and spend a few days rejuvenating and learning more about who God is. Two days being poured into spiritually while being submersed in relationships with other Fire & Water students through a variety of activities. You can sign up for the 2022 Winter Retreat HERE.

Fall Retreat
This is a stay-at-home retreat that takes place over a weekend in September. A great chance for students to have a “weekend away” while not going too far. You can sign up for the 2022 Fall Retreat HERE.


FIRE & WATER believes that we are all able to serve someone in some way, that in doing so we live out our love for Jesus and for each other. If your student has never served with us before, they may enjoy trying out First Saturday Bingo for Jr. High and Supermarket Sweeps for High School.

Mission Trips

The Junior High trip is in late June and integrated with the church's intergenerational trip and the High School trip is in late July. Thanks to fundraising almost all our students are able to raise the funds to pay for their trip. Financial aid is available to anyone who asks as we never want a student to miss the opportunity to serve due to funding.

First Saturday Bingo

FIRE Jr High Students will return to playing BINGO with Hamilton Trace Retirement Home residents on the first Saturday of each month  Be praying for our BINGO friends & join us from 10-11am the first Saturday of each month in the Assisted Living Activities Room.

Contact Liz Simmonds at to get involved.

Supermarket Sweeps
WATER  Sr High Students Shop for our food pantry every Thursday at Walmart. Meet at the food pantry building to leave at 4pm. Typically finished by 5pm.
Contact Troy Richards at    to get involved.
Pumpkin Patch

Save the Date: Initial pumpkin delivery for 2023 is Saturday, September 30th at 10am. For the month of October students and families of Fishers UMC sell pumpkins to raise money for our summer mission trips. Money raised is put into a student account that they can use for anything FIRE & WATER related. Please share with people to get their pumpkins here! The patch is open weekdays from 12-8pm and on the weekend from 10am-8pm. Signup for shifts available on Fire & Water social media or in the church announcements. 

30 Hour Famine

WATER Sr. High students spend a weekend every February going without food for 30 hours to raise money for those who are less fortunate overseas. Students also learn what life is like for people growing up in poverty and different ways they can help.


We here at FIRE & WATER like to have fun! Our outreach events are designed for students to invite their friends to. There is no hidden agenda, only that we have fun together and get to know each other. And as students get to know us and we get to know them, we can share the love of Jesus with them (sometimes with a nerf gun). Summer Mystery Adventures are wonderful events to join us for if you’ve never played with us before.
Mystery Days

It’s the mystery that makes it an adventure! During the summer (and other school breaks) FIRE & WATER plan fun activities but students don’t know when or what we will be doing until 24 hours before the event. Information is posted on our social media and sent to FIRE & WATER Insiders. (If you are a planner or are nervous sending your students to parts unknown, email or . We have these planned before the summer begins and will share with parents, we just want students to have fun and be surprised.)

Movie Night

The Sunday night after Thanksgiving we keep it low key and have a fun evening where we just watch a movie together. Everyone is invited and there is all the popcorn you can eat at 6:00p (it’s over when the movie’s done, generally around 8:00p).

"Big Game" Party

No matter who is playing, we have the most important football game of the year on the big screen. Really, we just like to hang out, eat snacks, and play football in the gym (but a few watch the game). There’s also prizes to whoever gets the most points on our Big Game Quiz.

Back To School Bash

On the first Sunday night after HSE schools begin we have an all-out party. Tons of food and fun. From bucking broncos to epic water balloon fights, you never know how much fun we’re going to have. From 6-7:30pm with dinner served from 5:30-6pm. 


Looking to know more about our Sunday School curriculum? 

5-8th grades 9-12 grades

Wondering what mission trip organization we use?


Follow them on Facebook or Instagram for a great overview of their ministry philosophy and what happens on trips.
They are also sharing their Covid safety measures that will be in place for our 2021 trips. 

Have you checked out our parent resource center located outside The Wharf?

Phase summaries available to pick up. For further information on each phase, contact Troy or Liz to receive one of the books. 

For more information about the phases and helpful blog posts and other parenting resources:


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