The Greenhill Amani School serves over 160 students in the lush, green hills of western Kenya. It was founded in 2014 and nurtures academics, spiritual growth, and nutrition for children in pre-school to fifth grade.

The Kenyan Ministry of Education sets a standardized curriculum. This includes: 
• Language (English, Kiswahili, indigenous)
• Mathematics
• Environmental Studies
• Hygiene and Nutrition
• Religious Education
• Movement & Creative Activities

The students at Greenhill Amani School consistently perform in the top quartile of area schools.


The Staff at Greenhill Amani School consists of Head Teacher Walter Kimori, 7 classroom teachers plus a cook, social worker, and security guards.  They are led by School Director and Founder Jared Sigara. 


Many of our students rely on the school to provide consistent nutrition. Our students receive a morning snack and a healthy meal daily including fruits, vegetables, and high protein foods. In 2023 we were able to add an updated kitchen and dining hall to support this effort.

spiritual growth

Spiritual instruction is a central component of our student’s education. This includes daily devotions and weekly instruction by local pastors. We hope to add a chaplain to our team to further develop this aspect of our educational experience.


The school is able to grow and thrive due to the generous support of the Christian community.
• We currently provide nearly 100% of the funding needed to operate Greenhill Amani School.
• Our long-term strategy includes local Kenyan income producing opportunities for the school to become self-sufficient.

How you can support the Greenhill Amani School

Please pray for our students and staff.

Donations to our monthly, recurring operating needs are always appreciated! These include:
• Teacher salaries. $100 provides a teacher’s salary for one month.
• Food costs and supplies. An additional $100 per month covers all food and classroom supply expenses!
• Repair, maintenance, and routine expenses that are necessary to operate the school.

We have a strategic plan that includes projects that enhance the safety, security, and educational outcomes of our students.
Current projects include:
• Perimeter Security Wall and Gate $7,700
$4,000 recently donated by United Methodist Foundation. Original cost $11,700
• Adding Electricity to Complex $1,700
• Borehole (well) for stable clean water $12,150
• Kitchen Fixtures (Tables) $1,800
• Classroom updates (drop ceiling, tile, hooks) $5,925
• Lavatory for Teachers, staff, and adult visitors $2,350

We appreciate your support of Greenhill Amani School! We are always looking for grant opportunities as well. If you are aware of grants that fit our mission please let us know so that we can pursue funding.


317 849-1805 x314