"You cannot teach people anything.  You can only help them to discover it within themselves."               ---Galileo
Come on in and browse the library at Fishers United Methodist Church.  There are many exciting and thought-provoking volumes for your enjoyment and new additions are coming all the time!  There is a quotation that says,"All readers are good readers when they have the right book."  Our goal is to have a variety of books to that will fit the needs of everyone in our congregation as well as the community and allow each person the opportunity to find that "right book".  Come, take a look and enjoy a book!!!!!


The purpose of the library is to provide a lending library for the church (congregation, Sunday School classes, small groups, etc.) and for anyone in the community.


The library is located just inside and to the left of entrance 3, directly adjacent to the lobby outside the Sanctuary.  The library is open any time.  Come in at your leisure.  The book check out policy is stated below and instructions are also located in the library.


* Most books will have a card pocket on the back cover with a check-out card that shows the author and book title. Simply fill out the card with your name and phone number and place it in the small blue bin on the counter. THERE IS NO DUE DATE!!! We just ask that after you have enjoyed the book, please return it to the library so another can have the opportunity to check it out as well.
* If the book does not have a card pocket and card, fill out the small form in the yellow bin with the appropriate information and place it in the small blue bin. This will help us keep track of those books that have not yet been logged into our inventory.