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Children's Moment - May 24th, 2020

We want to honor those students in Fishers UMC Kids who have reached an educational milestone this year.  Enjoy this video of our Preschool and 4th Grade graduates!

Wondering Questions:
Check back next week for more Wondering Questions with Pastor Clint!

Response Time 

Pentacost Coloring Sheet

Items needed - paint, crayons, markers, paper, Duplos, Legos, building blocks, play dough, journals

Instructions: After watching the Children's Moment and spending time with the wondering questions, have your children do his/her work with some of the items mentioned above.  They can create anything about light or the scripture.  Watch them work and help them if needed.  Otherwise, let them create! 


spiritual practices at home

Palms Up, Palms Down 

Breath Prayer Practice

Prayer Labyrinth

Prayers of Gratitude

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