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The Wonder of Advent Series

Each Sunday of Advent beginning Sunday, November 29th and through Sunday, December 27th.

10:00 AM through Zoom (Link and password sent via Email.  Don't have it? Email Ms. Jenica at )

We need to be ready to be able to enter into a mystery like Christmas.  That is why the Church set aside four weeks to get ready.  This time to get ready is called Advent.  For the time of Advent and the week after Christmas, we will get ready to come close to the mystery of Christmas together.  

What your family will need each Sunday:  A quiet place to gather together (a rug, a kitchen table, a coffee table);  a candle; a Bible; art supplies (markers, crayons, scissors, etc.); a nativity set if have; response time materials (See below)

Week 1: The Prophets

 Wondering Questions:

 After watching the video, take a 5-10 minutes with your children and ask them these wondering questions about the Children's Moment. 
The Prophets
  1. I wonder what the most important part of this story was.
  2. I wonder what part of this story you like the best.
  3. I wonder where you see yourself in this story.
  4. I wonder if took anything out of this story, would you still have everything you need. 

Response Time 

Materials that can be used for response time - paint, crayons, markers, paper, Duplos, Legos, building blocks, play dough, journals

Instructions: After watching the Children's Moment and spending time with the wondering questions, have your children do his/her work with some of the items mentioned above.  Watch them work and help them if needed.  Otherwise, let them create! 

Say: “Now it is time to get out our work.  What work would you like to do today? You may work with the story we heard today, or you may make something about it.  There may be another story you want to work with.  There is so much. Think about what you are going to work with and then you may start.”                   

Ideas: Read scripture; find the story in the Bible; re-tell the story using pictures your children draw; re-tell todays portion of the story using the nativity;                         

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